Friday, 22 November 2013

A welcome to my blog...


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to cast your eyes over my blog! I'd like to welcome you here; I'm a UK blogger who mainly writes about religion and spirituality - two things that play a large role in my life - and their relationship with current affairs, feminism, popular culture and many other weird and wonderful things! I do hope you find my posts interesting; I apologise if you do not !

I have, to some extent, returned to the 'drawing board' with this blog - I deleted the few posts that I had initially published on the grounds that they were not nearly insightful enough for the title of my blog that I have chosen; by 'musings' I should say that I mean random, often illegiable babble that is the trademark of my 'thoughtfulness' as a person! However, I want to have a space to ramble on and, hopefully, others will feel able to contribute into a discussion their own ideas and opinions on the posts I publish, thereby creating a free space for debate.

I want these debates to ensue because I believe regular re-evaluation and discussion to be so very neccesary for one to cultivate a healthy world-view. Whether you are an atheist, theist, deist, feminist any kind of ist that is a label of a non-offensive popular world view (no thanks to 'mysogynists/racists/sexist/ageist etc!), I hope that you might find these posts interesting if not entertaining as you witness my feeble attempts at grappling with some of the biggests questions that I can think of....

#1 What to write for my first blog????

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